Chapter 56: Opening post 2011…damn la!!!

erm…sapa2 UTPians yg x check result lg tu sila2 la check yer…

my result??

damn sgt2!!!

GPA 3.49 (GOOD STANDING) –> jatuh ranking dari Dean’s List…damn!!

but…CGPA 3.66 –>maybe 1st class or 2nd class upper…. (maybe yg 2nd kot)…

FYP B+ (dah agak dah)

EIS B (dah agak dah)

OM B (dah agak dah)

FYDP A- (yahoo!!!! not bad)

SPC A (yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

MCE B+ (WHAT????? MOTIP????)

damn la…. i’m shaking right now!!! mcm org nk tahan marah jer ni….

erm….skang still sentap+psiko skit skang…

so kalau korang masih sayangkan nyawa anda…sila jgn bg statement2 x perlu yer…

(mood at the moment)

adios!!! dah…tido lagi bagus…

p/s: ada sapa2 tau x nk submit result exam ni kt ESU kn?? apa emel address dier?? dan bleh ke send yg latest result ni jer?? ke mcm mana?? **matilaa bimbo

thought of the day: I think the reason Mr. Jay dressed up was to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful.” Kahlen


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